Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Its not fair by Ellen Arthur and Bethany Eason


Ellen and Bethany have had problems with the audiology so here they are to tell the story.

I wanted to talk about how my audiology has really angrier me very much. basically when i said i will have the second cochlear implant earlier this year, i thought i would have my first implant to be updated from freedom to a  nucleus 5. But then I was told that I will have to wait until I have the second cochlear implant to have the nucleus 5 and that would be next year 2013. Me and my mum would have liked it if I had the first one updated so that I could get used to the sound and the way it works.  But no of course I have to wait. However my audiologist is retiring and leaving end of September. So me and mum has a idea, we are going to put pressure on the new audiologist to see if I can have the new one this year!!! x
This is Ellen

sometime in 2010/2011 I went to my audiology department in Manchester as my cochlear implant had been broken by accident and so I couldn't hear for a few days as I had too book an appointment, after my mum did that we went to Manchester and received a new one, the audiologist said to myself and my mum that the cochlear implant they had given me was a loan basically and that I didn't own it. They also said that if this one breaks I wouldn't be able to get a new one until 2017, but so far this one has lasted!!! Previously when I've had operations FOR the cochlear implant they wouldn't allow me to have it because my mother couldn't afford it so we had to fight for funding and got some of it eventually!
This is Bethany
Thank you!

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